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Website, Text & Banner Exchange with Co-op

Dec 11, 2017 | Posted in: Text Ads, Traffic Exchange

If you are looking for a ONE STOP advertising source you REALLY need to check out this site


They offer cash for simply joining but more importantly there are TONS of ways to advertise your promotions (even for FREE)

Traffic Exchange / Banner Exchange / Co-op Text Ad Exchange / Personal Viral Rotator

Even FREE members earn commissions and they start at 25% for FREE members and they have multiple bonuses and special days to increase the basic commission structure...

Go signup and have a look around, it's GREAT!

PS: Once you verify your account pay special attention to their OTO offer as it's only shown ONE time and is an AMAZING deal.

Unlimited Visitors from 555 Traffic Exchanges!

Dec 10, 2017 | Posted in: Traffic Exchange

I am totally enthusiastic about Viral TE Co-Op!

Viral TE Co-Op is a Traffic Exchange Co-Op that let You forget surfing hundreds of TE a day to get credits. In fact, You only need to surf one or two to get views from hundreds of sites!

If You do not want to surf at all, You just need to buy some Viral TE Co-Op Credits, and You can even forget surfing!

Viral TE Co-Op will help You generating more sales by getting more traffic from Traffic Exchanges and is Fre.e to Join.

The system is Super Easy and it works on Autopilot!

At VTEC They do all the work, letting you more time for your Family and your Business.

Have a look and make sure to check the Fantastic Benefits that You will get by using the system!


P.S. If you are ready to save money, you should pay extra close attention on your first login to discover the amazing OTO that will really give you a boost.

Importance of Using Trackers in Net Marketing

Oct 17, 2017 | Posted in: Net Marketing

Using trackers shows the marketer the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Making a good use of trackers has helped me earn more than $27,000 in one of the affiliate programs.

Clixsense is an example of a program that uses a tracker:

Whereas "dansbanners" is the campaign name that's appended to the affiliate link along with the "&" character. And supposedly the above link has gotten 25 clicks and 5 signups, the campaign stats will show an increment of 25 clicks and five signups. And the stats will also eventually show how much you've earned from those signups. Whether they've clicked, completed surveys, made purchases or obtained more referrals and so forth. Thus demonstrating to the marketer the advertising efficiency of the campaign.

One could also use trackers to determine the cost effectiveness of the advertising. For instance, if $50 was spent promoting a link in a website. And the stats shows that it has gotten 100 clicks, 10 signups and earning $100, generating a $50 net profit. Indicating that it's probably a good campaign to continue with as opposed to one that resulted in a loss.

Thus the Importance of using Trackers in Net Marketing!

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